Who funds the environmental movement?

The commonly held belief is that the mining and oil companies and the environmental groups are mortal enemies. In reality though, the environmental movement, supposedly big oil’s implacable foe, found itself on the receiving end of about $50 million a year from three oil conglomerates, operating through front groups politely described as private foundations.

So much for independent research and truth. When your funding is dependent on how you present information, then you will make sure your message meets the dictates of those who are funding you.

You can read more here:  http://thewrongkindofgreen.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/shaky-foundations-toxic-sources-tainted-money/

The truth is here about marine conservation

Our world offers some wonderful insights and the more we discover about our world, the better we understand it. Along with this increase in knowledge, we can also become victims of that very same knowledge when it is used by certain groups to further their own agenda.

This blog is about providing you with a one-stop spot to find out the truth about Australia’s marine world and its conservation. Australia has one of the highest records for marine conservation and yet constant media bombardment by commercial interest groups such as multi-national corporations, lobbyists and NGOs would have us believe otherwise. These groups all have one aim – selling their product. They are not interested in the truth – they are interested in contorting information and getting you to believe their misinformation is the truth.

The truth is here! I invite you to discover the truth for yourself here today and celebrate Australia’s marine diversity and the people who work, live and play in our seas and oceans.