Join our Rally on Sunday 19 August 2012 and save our oceans


at carpark near boat ramp, Sinbad Street, Cabbage Tree Creek, Shorncliffe
to oppose the Federal Government’s proposed massive increase to Australia’s marine park reserves.

Australia already imports 72 per cent of its seafood. Don’t allow the Federal Government to lock us out of our waters and our valuable food source.

Queensland’s fishing industry will be wiped out.

Nowhere will the impact be felt more than in east coast Queensland waters where the government is proposing to lock Australians out of the Coral Sea.

The proposed no-go zone is more than half the size of Queensland!

Scientists have said that it’s not fishing that is putting the Coral Sea at risk and even Green groups acknowledge this. The proposed new network of marine parks has nothing to do with science but everything to do with appeasing green groups.

The Australian fishing industry is one of the most highly regulated fishing industries in the world. Its practices are sustainable and well managed yet the Gillard Government wants us to buy fish from overseas where fishing regulations are not as robust as Australia’s.

Click here to download a flyer with details on how you can take action to stop Australians being forced to import poor quality seafood because we have been locked out of our own oceans. Please distribute the information sheet as widely as possible.

If the marine reserves are proclaimed, there will be no going back.