Say goodbye to Aussie fish

Well it seems that even Piers Akerman can see the behind the scenes players at work in his article recently in The Daily Telegraph, Fun Fishing is Dead in the Water.

As Akerman says, “FANCY a nice piece of fish, caught by an Aussie fisherman off the Australian coast? Well, get down to your local fish-and-chip shop now or call a fisho, if you know one, because big multi-national environmental groups are bankrolling a campaign that will wreck the industry.

Misguided officials in state governments and Canberra are already well on the way to demolishing fisheries around the continent, locking them up in a network of marine parks that will destroy what remains of the coastal fishing industry.”

Where will our fish come from if these marine parks go ahead? From south-east Asia most likely where we have no way of knowing what state of health the environment is that the fish was caught in.

You can read Piers Akerman’s full story here: